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There are too many tools on the Internet, and I find that there is no absolute protection for putting my things anywhere. For example, a Baidu network disk always swallows my files and can't put them in the U disk :( So I opened another page to put the tool links I found, which is more convenient

互联网上有太多工具了,并且我发现现在在任何地方放自己的东西都没有绝对的保全,像某百度网盘,老是吞我文件,放U盘里又放不下 :( 于是我另开了一个页面来放我找到的工具链接 ,这样更方便


:Steam hang up card swiping tool:steam挂机刷卡工具:

:Put it in the config folder above and below as needed:按需放在上面下的config文件夹里:


See the text for details



Compact version:

Step 1: Download ASF:

Step 2: unzip the downloaded file.

Step 3: go to this website to generate a configuration file: [the website has been changed to the one above]

Step 4: drag the generated file into the "config" folder.

Step 5: enjoy hanging up the card.

: Fraktur conversion:花体字转换

I'm about to crack. The articles I finally found to crack zip and rar files have been deleted, but the application remains QAQ



:Old game finder:老游戏查找器

:Of course, we can't forget neocities:当然,我们不能忘了neocities:

:And Wiby:和wiby:

:freeVPN [pc]